Looking to switch up your routine? Try Figaro Coffee’s newest drinks!

Figaro Coffee’s Healthy Smoothies, Layered Drinks, and Frozen Coffee Cube Latte are available at all branches nationwide. Visit a Figaro store near you and order today!

Feeling a little bored? Maybe a routine switch is long overdue! You don’t have to stress yourself with huge, life-changing tasks. You can start with simpler things first, like taking a short morning walk, listening to a different song while getting ready for the day, or ordering a new drink.

When it comes to new drinks to try, Figaro Coffee has the perfect roster. Whether you’re looking for something healthy, something for the ‘gram, coffee, or non-coffee drinks, we’ve got special drinks waiting for you!

For health-conscious drinkers, Figaro crafts a delicious line of Healthy Smoothies. The roster includes various concoctions of fruits, veggies, and other alternative ingredients to the usual smoothies.

First up is the Beachside Calm. It is one of the fan-favorite healthy smoothies, with a mix of celery, apple, pineapple, mint, and cucumber, giving a mixture of sweet and minty flavor.

If you’re into a sweeter taste, the Tropical Sunset smoothie is for you. It is a combination of banana, apple, orange, and pineapple jam, with a familiar fruity flavor which customers of all ages can appreciate.

Looking for a milky drink with some texture? Grab the San Francisco, a smoothie with wheatgrass, almond milk (perfect for those looking for non-dairy alternatives), chia seeds, and banana.

As for coffee lovers, Figaro Coffee offers creative drinks—both in terms of look and flavor. Well-crafted and appetizing drinks with high-quality taste = mood boost (plus a perfect Instagram story to boot).

A good way to broaden your coffee palate is to add unexpected flavors to it, perhaps your favorite fruit and dessert flavors. You can enjoy this inventive way of experiencing coffee by getting Figaro’s Layered Pomegranate & Espresso and Layered Matcha & Espresso drinks.

And if you’re a stickler for presentation, then you’ll definitely love the Frozen Coffee Cube Latte. This drink is served as jelly-like coffee cubes, which you will have to pour a serving of milk on to enjoy. It’s a creative way to receive your coffee order (and makes you feel a like a barista too….well, at least for a few seconds).

A little change can go a long way. It can give you a health boost, provide a creative perspective, or inspire you to take a leap to even better and more exciting choices in life! So go ahead, don’t be afraid to make some changes and order that new drink today!

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