From cocktail to dessert: Figaro Coffee launches newest dessert, the Piña Colada cake

Figaro’s Piña Colada cake is available per slice and as a whole cake at all Figaro Coffee branches nationwide. Visit a Figaro store near you and order today!

If you like piña coladas, then Figaro Coffee has something special for you. Nope, we don’t have the drink for your cream brunch cocktail sessions just yet, but we have a deliciously crafted Piña Colada cake suited for your sweet cravings!

Our Piña Colada cake has layers of coconut sponge, with coconut cream frosting and pineapple confiture. The cake itself has a fluffy and distinct texture, reminiscent of the desiccated coconut which we graciously pour alongside all the favorite kakanin varieties we consumed while growing up.

The cake is also topped with dehydrated pineapples and toasted coconut, shaped like a beautiful preserved flower, giving the dessert more a tropical vibe.

And for the taste the Piña Colada cake is definitely not sour or acidic, as some might find the pineapple fruit. It is sweet, but not overly so—as is custom with most Figaro desserts. Its sweetness is gently cushioned by the flavor of the coconut, making the cake a dessert that one can eat over and over, without being overwhelmed by the taste.

The nature of its flavor, plus the lightness of the cake itself, also makes it a perfect pair for coffee drinks. This truly solidifies the Piña Colada cake as a must-try, especially for snack time and short breaks amidst your busy schedule.

Albeit different from the playfulness of the piña colada drink, Figaro’s Piña Colada cake is creative and eccentric in its own way, with the sweetness of the pineapple gently enveloped by the nostalgic taste of the coconut, evoking an effortless sense of comfort—as desserts always should.

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